The Torpedo Anal Douche Cleaner                                     


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Anal Douche with Glow in the Dark Bulb


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Ease of Use






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Clean and Glow

 Access the deepest parts with the Anal Douch applicator. You can get much farther inside using the squeeze bottle and the glow in the dark nozzle. Never search for an anal douche ever. This is a must have kit for anyone that loves that squeaky clean feel. California Exotic Novelties Anal Douche is a fantastic way to feel fresh all day.


What People are Saying

 "    This worked exactly as one would expect. The bulb is soft and squeezes easily, and the tip is fine, though the glow-in-the-dark feature is a random one. I use this douche when I am going to use my dildo for anal, and it works just great. I usually fill the bulb twice (maybe three times) and by the time thats out of my system, Im clean and ready to go. Also, its easy to clean and store... Overall, no complaints and worth the ten bucks. " - Patrick


Simple to Use

The Booty comes with a tip and bulb. Simply fill up the bulb with your favorite cleaning solution, tie on the bulb , insert into the anus and squeeze. Repeat at least 3 times to ensure a proper cleansing. You are now ready to enjoy.