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Amazing Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex is an amazing experience for many men but there is a problem. It is very easy to feel limited in the positions available for rear entry. You may have a few under your belt but adding a few new tricks can kick up the spice for you and your partner.


Before I get into the backside of things, keep in mind that the key to anal pleasure is comfort , cleanliness and communication. You must feel comfortable with your partner. Never allow anyone into your back door that you don't trust. Take the time to use an anal douche to cleanse your colon of all matter. The Glow in the Dark Anal Douche by California Exotics has an easy squeeze bulb and small tube. This device will last for years.  And always communicate during the act to ensure that you are comfortable. Remember, the person on the bottom is the one in control. It is never the other way around.  

Be sure to use a condom for anyone that you are not in a committed partnership with. If they refuse, you refuse and engage with someone that values your safety as well as thier own.



Don't just head for the anus; you have to prepare your man for sex and turn him on. Too often you find men that want to invest so little in the pleasure of the bottom expecting them to open up and take it. This behavior is reckless and disrespectful. The sexual golden rule applies, Give as much pleasure as you are looking to recieve.  Kiss , massage , and lick your man to excite him.


Lock & Pose 

Have your man lie down on the bed with his stomach down, legs open and feet in the air. Get on top of him (between him legs), but hold your upper body up with your hands by straightening your arms. Get him to tighten his thighs as your thrust inside of him. As well, try using long, slow strokes for accentuated pleasure.


Supported Doggie Stretch

Your man starts off in the typical doggie position on all fours. You should be behind him, place your hands on his waist and lift him up so that he can wrap his legs around the backs of your thighs. While you penetrate, he can use his feet to push your buttocks toward him so that you go deeper.


The Backdoor Fire Hydrant

Have him lean over a chair, resting on his elbows. While you're leaning behind him, place one hand on the chair and the other on his hip. Raise one of his legs and place it over your hip. Now you're ready to get inside. Keep in mind that placing his leg at different angles (straight out or bent) will change the angle and feel of penetration.


The Corkscrew

For this position, you'll need a comfortable ottoman or (a large) upholstered footstool. While he's sitting on it, get her to lean on one elbow while resting his feet on the floor, keeping his legs together. Placing a hand on either side of his body, with a leg on either side of the ottoman (or footstool), make your way inside of him and slowly come to a rhythmic motion.


Stand & Bend

Have him stand and use his hands to lean over a desk . Make your way behind him and once you make your way inside him, place a hand on either side of him and lean on the desk. Or you can always place your hands on his waist. If there's a slight height difference, he can stand on his toes, you can provide a pedestal, or you can bend your knees (assuming you're taller, of course).


Squatting Rear

On the bed, lie down on your back and place him over you as you would if she was going to ride you. But rather than rest on his knees, get him to squat using his feet and place you inside of him from the back. Keeping his legs as far apart as possible, watching as your penis goes in and out of him will definitely turn you both on like crazy.


The Rear of It All 

Different positions will always add to the flavor of the awesome sex you're already having. And variety is what will keep things fresh in the bedroom and anywhere else you decide to do the deed. If you have mastered these positions and want more, try the Gay Sex Card Game. It has a plethora of positions that you can try in addition to fun games for a couple or group. So until next time, get into position and enjoy the flip side.


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