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Advanced Masturbation Tips: Using Toys



Most men start experimenting with masturbation as a teen. Once they realize the pleasure of rubbing one out, this becomes the preferred method as an adult because they have developed a pattern. Using sex toys for masturbation isn't considered. Does that mean you should continue using your hands only ? Of course not !  Part of the fun of being an adult is having the ability to try new things in the bedroom, such as watching porn or experimenting with sex toys. Here are some quick tips on which sex toys to use while you’re masturbating.


Lube it Up

There are a lot of guys do not use lube when masturbating. Lube is essential for a great orgasm during masturbation. Not only does it add sensation to the experience, it makes the act easier. Silicone lube is excellent for masturbating with your hands because it doesn’t wear off or dry out like water based lubes but if you’re masturbating with sex toys or condoms, you have to use a toy safe silicone lube like Spunk Lube. Water based lubricants are safe for every activity. So now that you are an advanced jack, its time to start using lube during masturbation.


Stroke it

Masturbation sleeves are the best invention for men. Masturbation sleeves are generally made out of silicone, jelly or latex. The best toys use a life like material often called UR3, TPR or Fanta Flesh. Masturbation sleeves slip over the penis while jacking.  When combined with lube, they slip and slide creating an experience that feels like the real thing. The insides are usually textured or ribbed to increase pleasure. Imagine having the most intense orgasm from just using a toy ? And the great news is that top quality masturbation sleeve is very affordable. The Super Sucker has an inner texture that feels like recieving oral sex. It's soft to the touch and stretches to fit any man.


The Cock Ring

Cock rings are an excellent sex toy to use during both masturbation and sex with a partner. A cock ring is designed to slip over the penis and stay at the base of it, trapping blood in the head and shaft and keeping the penis rock hard. This can be used during masturbation to enhance sensations and to prolong orgasm. Make sure when purchasing cock rings to choose flexible one.  


Rock Your P Spot

Lots of men are now experimenting with anal stimulation. Its no longer a gay thing. The stimulation of the prostate gland from inside the anus can intensify orgasms immensely. Many have named this region the Male G Spot. There are men that don't want anything up their anus. The prostate gland can be stimulated by putting firm pressure on the area outside the body between the anus and scrotum. You don't have to be experienced because there are a number of small toys that are designed for newbies. Choose from male vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads and prostate massagers.  


Using a large amount of lubricant is key to having a great experience with using toys. It's a safe bet to keep a large bottle in your night stand and a travel size for the road. Now that you are an advanced masturbator, it's time to have some fun.


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