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Advanced Master Gauge Pump Review

Penis pumps have been around for ages. It is one of a few products that are made solely for men. And for a man that is looking to maintain a solid erection, the choices are endless. A search of any adult novelty website will reveal a plethora of models all promising massive gains. The promise of a larger penis is very intoxicating to men. We now live in a society where ' Bigger is Better '. From men's magazines to Youtube, every woman wants a big dick. There are some segments of the gay community that have become obsessed with ' The Monster Cock ' .


The chatter can become unbearable for a man that is looking to please his partner. He really doesn't want a penis down to his knees. His desire is increased intimacy and pleasure. Calexotics has designed the Advanced Master Gauge Pump for this man. It claims to offer a firm erection while giving men the visual gift of added girth and length. Could a man have it all ? I wanted to know. So the Gods over at Calexotics sent me this pump to put it to the test.


The Product

The Advanced Master Gauge Pump comes in a very large box. Easy to Read PSI Gauge, Premium Suction, Advanced Hi Tech Design and a quote from the American Pumpers Association is on the front of the box. A picture of the pump with the words Flexible Non Crimp Hose, Easy to Use Ergonomic Handle, Removable Silicone Donut and Pump may be used without Donut are written on the side panel. The other side panel has features written in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Danish with a link to the Calexotics website. The back of the package has a detailed picture description of the pump. It displays the Easy to Use Quick Release Valve, Easy to Read Pressure Gauge, Flexible Non Crimp Silicone Hose, Ergonomic Handle, Flanged Base, Silicone Donut, 2.5 inch Diameter and 9 inch height of the pump. The pump comes in three parts : the cylinder, silicone tube and handle. Additional safety instructions are included inside the package.


How it Works

After opening the package, place one end of the silicone tube to the ergonomic handle and the other to the pump cylinder. Place a generous amount of your favorite lubricant around your penis and scrotum area. You may need to trim your pubic hair to create an air tight seal. Be sure to place some lubricant on the Removable Silicone Donut Hole. Massage yourself to arousal. Slowly slide your erect penis into the pump. Squeeze the Ergonomic Handle a few times to get used to the feeling. Your penis will increase in size. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge. Squeeze the pump a few more times. Once you have reached your desired size, let your penis stay in the pump for about 2 minutes. Press the Quick Release Purge Valve to remove the pressure and slide your penis out of the cylinder. Enjoy your sexual activity. Be sure to pump no more than 5 minutes a session. If you experience any pain or bruising , discontinue use. Always remember to use the pump and rest technique for safety purposes.



My Experience

When the UPS man brought a huge box to my door, I was a bit confused. I didn't know what was in it. And after seeing that it was from Calexotics, my curiosity began to peak. What could be that big ? I didn't know if they had sent me a love doll. But I was pleasantly surprised to get the Advanced Master Gauge Pump.


The box was a large. I took it out of the package. I studied the diagram on the box to ensure that I was putting it together properly. I then went online to find a few articles that gave proper instruction for pumping since that information wasn't included in the box. Armed with knowledge and a five day load, it was time for me release my stress.


I took a bottle of JUS Premium Lubricant and generously applied it to my penis and scrotum area. I gave a quick coat to the donut hole at the bottom of the pump. An adult video was already playing on my computer so this show was going to start early. I began to massage myself to erection. I then slide my penis into the pump. It was a very snug fit. I held the ergonomic handle and gave it a squeeze. My penis began to grow. I waited a few moments then pushed the handle again. My growth continued. This was highly arousing. A few more pumps and I was larger than I had known myself to be. I focused on the action on my computer while I allowed my body to adjust to its new size. I didn't recognize my own dick.


Aroused , firmer and full, I pressed the Quick Release Valve and grabbed my Girlfriend Next Door Pocket Pal in Ivory for some extra special attention. I was still erect. I slid into her and began to feel her swirling inner texture remind me of what I had been missing. I stroked my larger cock for ten minutes enjoying the size and the workout Dita was giving me. I knew I wouldn't last long. I didn't care. With one fast stroke, I reached an amazing orgasm. My longer dick pulsated and shook in ectasy. This was hot. I had never used a pump but now I knew why men were crazy about them. The next time, I would make a video and show the world how well the Advanced Master Gauge Pump worked.


The Pros

The Advanced Master Gauge Pump works. There is no doubt about that. I do enjoy the lightness of the product. The Ergonomic Handle is very easy to use. A man that may have arthritic challenges would be able to use this toy without worry. The Quick Release Purge valve is as quick as they come. One easy push and the air leaves the pump immediately. Cheaper pumps take a few seconds longer for the air to be removed. There was care taken into the design of the product. I had no adverse reactions while pumping. Within a few squeezes of the pump, I was firmer and fuller than I had been in a long time. And after achieving orgasm. I was able to have another erection without issue.


The Challenges

I guess when California Exotics placed the word Advanced on the package they meant it. This product did not come with any instructions that would advise a novice. You really have to know exactly what you are doing when you buy this product. This could be easily be marketed to novices by having a simple print out added to the package. You can never assume that men who purchase toys know exactly how to use them. This pump should have come with a cock ring and sample of their Universal Lube. A simple silicone ring would allow a man to enjoy his new erection longer. The Colt 3 Ring cock ring set should be purchased with this product if you don't have them. Other than these small issues, Calexotics created a product that is easy to use and offers great results.


The Decision

I definitely recommend the Advanced Master Gauge Pump to men that are looking to have a firmer and fuller erection. You will get results very quickly and have the assurance that you will not hurt yourself because this product is equipped with a Quick Release Purge Valve. Couples looking to enhance sex would be wise to invest in this product rather than costly mechanical vacuum pumps that are being offered on late night infomercials . The Advanced Master Gauge Pump is all you need to handle the job. While this product could use some instruction for novices and a simple cock ring to help maintain support, there are plenty of resources available through a quick web search that will assist you in pumping safely. I can not stress enough that you should only pump for no more than 5 minutes a session as a novice. Calexotics offering to men has definitely met the mark.

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Advanced Master Gauge Pump