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Advanced Anal Sex Preparation


Anal sex is an activity that can bring great pleasure. To enjoy it requires preparation to eliminate discomfort and any accidents. In order to make the experience ideal, you need to have a preparation ritual that is easy and takes just minutes to complete. The tips that follow will put you on the path to pleasure.


Trim Your Nails

Chipped, dirty nails may tear the skin and cause unwanted infections. Make sure you cut them really short and even, so that they are smooth and donít get stuck through layers of skin during anal fingering.


Cleaned Ass Inside and Out

If you donít mind playing with hairs surrounding the anus,  you might want to encourage your partner to shave his butt. At one point I didn't think there were many men with hairy holes until I started to see a number of guys with asses that looked like carpets. Not only was it not appealing, the hairs on a few were matted.

Grooming will be more effective if youíre the one holding the razor, given the fact that he canít really that area. As long as you have the right tools Ė a shaving cream made for sensitive skin , female razor and steady hand, the time it takes to clear the hershey highway could only take a few minutes. Be sure to take your time as you shave. The anus has sensitive tissues that are not as sturdy as other parts of the body.


Douche Matters

A bulb enema is an easy and simple way to ensure that the canal is ready for play. You fill it with water,  lubricate the tip, gently insert, squeeze and release the water. Although Fleet enemas can be purchased in the store for a quick fix, it is better to own a bottle. Anal douche systems lasts for years saving time and money.


Lube it Up

Itís only in porn films that saliva seems to be used for anal play. Non lubricated penetration causes friction of the worst kind and can tear the sensitive  tissue of the anus causing injury. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce a natural lubricant. Water based lubricants are ideal for anal play. They won't stain your sheets and provide a smooth glide. White Tiger Extreme is rated as one of the most luxurious lubes that acts as a moisturizer and skin conditioner.


With trimmed nails, a body cleansed for sex and the right sex lubricant, you can create better anal experiences with your partner.

Preparation is the key to pleasure.


Dickz Pickz

White Tiger Silicone Lubricant