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Adam and Eve Anal Lube


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Anal Plesaure Upgraded

Enjoy the benefits of a premium lube with an Anal Relaxer. Adam and Eve Anal Lube is a Silky smooth lubricant. The formula is odorless which works well with any erotic candles you may use to make the mood more enjoyable. It is a Sexy, slippery alternative to silicone-based lube. The desensitizing agent gives comfot and pleasure to your most intimate space.


What People are Saying

" This is the best anal lube I've ever tried."

" This is The Best anal lube out there!!! It's as slick, soft, and smoothas silicone with just the right amount of numbing effect

of Lidocaine added to ease the receiving end. Lasts longer than water-based lubes, too. "

" Adam and Eve Anal Lube is a kick ass, desensitizing lube. "


How do Anal Relaxers Work ?

Anal Relaxers are products that allow men to enjoy the experience of anal sex by relaxing the muscles and limiting tension that some experience. These products are great for those that are new to the pleasure of anal sex and experienced individuals that are looking to add more excitement. These products are 100% Safe and contain no harmful chemicals.