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5 Ways to Please Your Man in Bed



When in the bedroom, it helps if you know how to please your man. You want to keep him  satisfied by making his toes curl. It doesn't take alot of work to help him have an intense orgasm. When you please him, he will be more than happy to make an effort to give you pleasure. You both will experience an exciting sex life. Here are my top 5 simple moves to please your partner. 

Foreplay is Funplay

Enjoy every inch of his body and never just go straight for penetration. When you take time to enjoy him, you help build his sexual self esteem while showing him your appreciation. You can sometimes make him orgasm during foreplay.


Nipples are for Nibbling

Suck on his nipples. Men love this more than they may admit to. Be sure to enjoy his body. Lick , gently nibble, pull and suck. Rub your tongue over them and watch him moan in ectsasy.


Give Anal Pleasure

Men can enjoy sensation from anal play. Use your well lubed finger to find his prostate and he will feel a new sensation. If you dealing with a newbie, use the 10 Function Anal Explorer Kit. The soft vibrating anal plug provides erotic stimulation and pulsation that he can control. Use a silky lubricant that will give you a smooth glide. Place a generous amount of ID Velvet on the anal plug and his manhood.  Stimulate him while the pulses fill his body with pleasure.  He will have one of the most intense orgasms ever.


Use Fantasy

 Make your night exciting with role play. This is a nice sex move to please your man and add some excitement into the relationship. Ask him what he wants to try or come up with something new on your own. You can even get a costume from your local party store to make your adventure realistic.


Talk Dirty

Nothing can get a man going that hearing you moan and groan. Use your voice to seductively take him to the next level. You can read an erotic story to get his juices flowing or verbalize his fantasy. There is no wrong way to talk him into a frenzy.Immerse yourself in the moment.

It doesn't take alot of effort to give big pleasure. Use these tips to create an experience that will drive him wild.