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5 Ways to Please Your Man After You've Climaxed


It was great sex, for one of you. You've already had your orgasm and now you don't want to be bothered. Meanwhile, your man is laying next to you looking for his leg shaking moment. You're perfectly relaxed, but don't any more action. Before you roll over and take a visit to bedside baptist, you need to return the favor. As good as it feels to experience after glow, now is not the time to be selfisth. How can you bring him to pleasure without taking forever. Follow these tips for ways to satisfy him after you have bust.


Lick His Nips

A mans nipples are one of his errogenous zones that deliver pleasure. You can seductively kiss and tease with your tongue while you manually stimulate him.  It's a great way to satisfy him after you've peaked.Be sure to use a silky lubricant on your hands like JUS Premium Pure Water Lurbicant to ensure a smooth stroke. It shouldn't be long before he screams your name.


Double Dip

Some men stay hard for a few minutes after orgasm. Use this time to help him achieve orgasm. After you ejaculate, wait about 30 seconds until your penis is no longer extra-sensitive to the touch. Then, change condoms, and go for what you know. Have him completely control the motion. If he's close to climax, continue until he finishes.


 Watch Porn

If you need a few moments to get your erection back, caress each other while watching a movie. Prepare the movie before you have sex without him knowing. This way, you don't have to get up, leave the room, look for a DVD, and inadvertently spoil the mood. Enjoy each other's bodies until you can perform again and finish the job.


Convince Him Put on A Show

If you believe he'll be up for the fantasy, encourage him to finish himself off while you watch. Be sure to talk dirty while he is approaching climax. This is the perfect opportunity for you to see how he likes to be stimulated. Watching him masturbate will show you how he likes to be touched.


It's Time for a Toy

Don't be afraid to break out a dildo or masturbation toy to satisfy him in a new way. This can also add an extra dimension to your sex life. You can give him a deep throat experience with the Super Sucker Masturbator. It feels life like and vibrates to deliver sizzling pleasure. If he's a bottom, rock his p spot with a prostate massager. Simly lube it t and insert while manually stimulating him. He'll have his first anal orgasm. If you're in a steady relationship, it's always a good idea to keep these toys under the bed or in a bedside drawer, so you can whip it out within a couple of seconds.

Make Him Scream

You can't consistently leave him hanging . No matter how contented and exhausted you feel after an orgasm, leave your him shaking in ecstasy.