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Ways to Make Sex Fun


Using these five tips for making sex fun, you can create hours of fun for you and your partner. For most couples, sex becomes less-than-thrilling at some point. Even if you enjoy having sex on a regular basis, it can be fun to create a little extra spice and add some variety to your sex life. Start tonight by trying these tips for making sex fun.


Break the Routine

 It may seem natural to finish all your obligations for the day before relaxing and enjoying some sexual release, but oftentimes you will find yourself too tired for mind-blowing sex. Instead of making it your last priority, try making sex fun by initiating play time in the afternoon , your lunch break or early evening. Even better, make it your top priority and start your day off with sex.


Start Outside the Bedroom

 Instead of waiting until youíre home, warm your partner up by talking suggestively or outright dirty in public. Send each other sexy text messages while at work, or whisper suggestive ideas in each otherís ears while you are at dinner. By the time you get home, you will both have only one thing on your mind. Making sex fun can start before you two are even in the same room.


Make a Sex Date

 Skip the formalities of dinner and a move and set aside an entire evening for sex. By doing this, you are making sex fun by making it a top priority. Turn off all distractions such as the television, computers and phones. Focus on one thing and one thing only.


Be Daring

Bring a little spontaneity into your sex life by surprising your partner with a new twist on your favorite activity. Use Wet Synergy Cool Tingle lubricant with its pleasing minty sensation  to feel him in a new way or give an erotic rub with massage oil to heighten your arousal before you get down and dirty. The choice is yours.


Do Something New

Sex doesn't have to be boring. You can use small things to add a new dimension to your routine.

With an open mind and a few tools, you can keep the passion turned up.