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5  Easy Ways to Masturbate Without the Mess


Masturbating is awesome, amazing and the best form of sex you can engage in. But it can make a huge mess when you are not prepared. I decided to create 5 easy methods that allow you to spend some time with Mr. Happy without having a major cleanup after. Masturbating should be a fun experience. And I do believe its one of the best ways to start your day. Enough of the talk, let's get you stroking.


Shower Stroke

The shower is one of the best places to masturbate with no mess because all of the goods flow down the drain. It is also a great place to masturbate when you have roommates because you have privacy and no one will be able to hear you over the noise of the shower. But you do need to have a lubricant available. Simply place Spunk Lube discreetly in your shower caddy and no one will ever know. Adding music to the experience will take it to a new level.


Keep Wipes Handy

 If you keep a travel package of baby wipes by your bed or in your bag, you can blow your load directly into them. The mess can easily be disposed of by throwing the wipes in the trash can or flushing them in the toilet.  If you are masturbating in your bed, lay on your side because it will be easier to control the direction your squirt.


Toilet Time

 I have a personal affinity for this method because it can work almost anywhere. This is an easy way to masturbate with no mess because you can flush the evidence. You need to find the right position to stand over the toilet, one which you are most comfortable with. Be sure to have some lube handy. Travel packets are optimal if you are doing this at work. Before you start masturbating, lift the toilet seat up, and have some fun.


Wrap it Up

 If you haven't tried masturbating with a condom on, you need to try it because many guys really enjoy it. It provides a new sensation that can rival penetration. Be sure to place lubricant inside the condom to create a wet sensation and on yourself. Place your condom on and use additional lube for stroking. When your done masturbating you can throw the condom away.


Use a Pocket Pal

A masturbation toy is an amazing way to have fun without the mess. The inner ribbings give an amazing sensation while the life like feel of the toy makes you forget that you are not enjoying another person.  When done, wash with gentle soap and water.

Masturbation can be a no mess experience. Simply choose a method that works for you and start stroking.