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4 Ways to Use Sex Toys with Your Partner


Using sex toys in a relationship can be be a great way to spice things up. If you are experiencing downward spiral in the frequency and intensity of play, adding something new can offer a shared experience that enhances your bond.  Presenting him with the option of using a sex toy can lead to a candid discussion about what pleases you both. Most men want to fulfill their partner. Here’s how you can introduce sex toys for better sex.


Start Small

With so many sex toys on the market, it’s impossible to know which one you may like. You will need a chance to explore. I have found that bottoms enjoy prostate stimulation and tops can experience sensual pleasure from masturbators.  The Dr. Joel Prostate Massager has ergonomic ridges and an angled tip for pinpoint stimulation. The Head Honcho has a realistic tight chamber to deliver a sensational oral sensation. You can always contact me for a FREE consultation to ensure you make the best choice.


Use Lube

Not only does it enhance penetration but sex lubricant it eliminates friction.  In one research study, lubricant use was associated with more pleasurable masturbation and sex with a partner. A water-based lubricant will work with just about any sex toy whereas a silicone-based lubricant shouldn’t be used with silicone-based toys.


Make it a Threesome

Think of the toy as another partner that is there to provide pleasure. Prostate vibrators can be used to give him and anal orgasm. Simply stimulate him with oral or nipple caressing while he places the vibrating instrument on his special spot. The orgasm will be intense. If you are a top, use your masturbation toy to release while your partner places sensual kisses around your genital area.  


Share the Love

As a couple you can reverse roles where the top uses the prostate vibrator and the bottom jacks with the masturbation toy.  This will enhance his experience while introducing him to a new way to play. You can always use a toy cleaner or soft soap between use to ensure safety. It isn't as wierd as it sounds. The goal is to add a spark to a sometimes routine sex life.