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4 Ways to Make Sex Spontaneous


Making sex more spontaneous is something that a lot of couples try to focus on when working on their sex lives. Spontaneity can bring passion and more intimacy to a couple with very little effort. Itís easy to fall into the trap of having the same old boring sex on the same day every week, especially if youíre in a long-term relationship. So in an effort to break this monotony, engage in more spontaneous sexual activity. 


Toss The Schedule

Many couples have a sex night when they plan to get busy. Unfortunately, in the long term the act will become stale and take away from the excitement. Try doing on a night out of the blue. Have your partner pick a night at random where you will be willing. You won't know when sex is coming. This will keep you on edge and make the bedroom burn.


Keep Condoms Handy

One of the biggest reasons that some couples canít have spontaneous sex is because they don't have the neccesary equipment.  It is a great idea to always carry condoms with you, but if youíre specifically trying to make your sex life more spontaneous, this is a must. You will have a " ready anytime " attitude that will spark passion. Always keep a small bottle of lubricant with you at all times, I suggest a 2 oz bottle of JUS Premium Pure Water Lubricant . It feels silky and doesn't dry out.


Know What He Likes

When you know what turns on your partner, you can easily avoid the pitfalls of mundane sex. Make it a point to share your fantasies with each other so you can spice up your love lives with some spontaneity. If he likes being tied up, give him a silk tie that will be your sensual prop for play. He won't be expecting it. If he likes sex in a naughty location, take him there and do it. When you share each otherís fantasies he will also be able to take you up on a spurt of the moment romp.


Give Him A Jack

Masturbation can add spark to a dull sex life when it is done in a new way. Spice up your traditional hand job with a stroker. The toy has a life like sensation and gives you control over his orgasm. The Jack Grip Masturbator is designed with an ergonomic grip that will allow you to give the perfect stroke every time. If you blind fold him and then stroke, he won't know what hit him.