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4 Tantric Sex Tips


Most men have heard the term tantric sex but had no idea what it was. Others thought it was for heterosexual couples and didn't give it another thought. But tantric sex can create a level of intimacy most men desire deep within their hears while contributing to some of the most intense orgasms one can have.  Tantric sex focuses your energy to become more in tune with your partners body and their sexual needs. If you have never tried tantric sex, these are some simple steps that can get turn things up in the bedroom.

Sensual Space

Create a space that puts you into the mood for sex. The space should be free of junk and anything that would take away from your partner's attention. Place aromatherapy candles in the room and fresh sheets to make the area more calming. Choose a fragrance that is pleasing to your partner.  Ono Shea Butter Massage Candle creates a sensual atmosphere while having the ability to be used for sensual massage.

Just Breathe

Breathe in and out with your partner. There is an exercise that you can do that actually brings you closer . This exercise is  called yab-yom. Straddle each other and look into each others eyes and alternate breathing. One can inhale and the other will exhale until there is a rhythm developed.  With this rhythm in place you will be able to become one with your partner.

Connect with Your Eyes

When having sex, keep your eyes open to connect with them. By making love with your eyes open this will allow for your partner to actually see you for the first time during sex. It says that you are willing to see them for who they are and connect to them.

Take it Slow

Taking your time and do not rush. If your not into a lot of foreplay then this is not going to be easy for you. It's important to prolong everything. The biggest part of tantric sex is how you maintain contact with your partner during sex. This will build up to an amazing experience with them. You can also add a new dimention with the Mood Pleaser Frost Masturbator Masturbation stroker to give him a sensual release.

Tantric sex is truly worth getting into if your someone that is into satisfying their partner completely.These tips will help achieve that amazing sexual high and bring you closer together resulting in more heightened orgasms.