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10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit Review

Anal sex is one of the main forms of intercourse for gay men. As I have learned, one can't expect men to know how to prepare and enjoy sex unless they have the information and neccessary tools. For the newbie, it can be a quite overwhelming experience. There are lots of products to choose from:  anal beads, prostate massagers, dildos and plugs. Thier initial decision will only produce more questions making something that is supposed to be easy difficult. California Exotics has created a solution in the 10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit. This system promises to provide the newbie with the tools for pleasure. Having the unique opportunity to test this product, I'll detail my experience.


The Product

The 10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit comes with an anal douche made with a flexible soft bulb and removable tapered tip. A vibrating silicone probe  completes the package. The silicone anal probe measures 4.5 inches long by 3 inches wide and has a suction base. The vibration function is powered by a plug in jack that is attached to the probe by a wire. This unit requires AAA batteries to operate and a LED light signals when the unit is on.


How it Works

To begin your 10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit , you cleanse your body with the anal douche. After irragation, you are now ready to use the toy. Place your AAA's in the battery pack and slide it into the plug in jack. Assemble the plug in jack and twist until the green LED light turns on. You will here a buzzing sound. The silicone probe is on its first setting. Simply press the buttonto experience the other vibrations, pulsations and escalations. Choose a water based lubricant and apply a generous amount to your probe. Now lube up your body. Lay on your back and gently insert. Adjust the settings of the silicone probe until you are comfortable.


My Experience

I was pleasantly suprised to recieve this toy in the mail. The box design was very attractive with a picture of the products on the front and a detail listing of what the kit included. On the back of the box, there are more pictures of the items with titles beside each. This gave me instructional information prior to removing the plastic.

Not wanting to waste any time in my exploration, I removed the anal douche from the package and was impressed by how soft the bulb was. I own the Colt Anal Douche and I admit that you need an iron grip to use it. But a newbie was considered in this design. I did have some problems trying to place the tip into the bulb. I had to lubricate the tip with oil in order for it to fit into the bulb and that required to force. This could be an issue for anyone that has had any medical challenges that doesn't give them optimal uses of thier hands. Once attached, the douche was easy to use. I was able to cleanse with one bulb full of water.


Ready for action, I applied a generous amount of JUS Premium Lubricant to the bulb and then to myself. I rested my body on a pillow and gently slid the silicone probe inside my body. I was suprised that I was able to insert it without discomfort being that I am a versatile top. Once the probe had fully reached its apex within me, I felt full. I pressed the button on the plug in jack and had the buzz of my life. It felt good in a new way. I sampled all  of the settings in order to find one that worked and found the most comfort with number two. With an adult film playing, I quickly became aroused and and found the vibration taking me to a new vista of sexual fulfillment. Things don't usually go down my hershey highway.


It usually takes about fifteen minutes to reach my climax by masturbation. I was suprised to have a leg shaking orgasm within a few minutes. It was intese and had me talking gibberish. I kept the probe in a few minutes more savoring my new pleasure. I removed my toy and cleansed the probe.



The 10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit is great for newbies. The box design and information make it easy to understand how the parts fit together and and what role they play in your pleasure. The anal douche has a very soft bulb. You can fill it with a generous amount of water. The silicone probe is the right size for a newbie. It was easy to insert with lubricant and the vibration functions gave an unexpected suprise when reaching your climax.



With my leg shaking orgasm a memory, there were a few bumps in the road. The anal douche bulb is a challenge to attach. I also think that this product would benefit from having a set of AAA batteries included in the box. When you get a product like this, you don't want to drive to the store in order to experience pleasure. It also took some time to figure out how to slide the battery pack into the plug in Jack. The cord could be longer. I am not a skinny guy and it would have been a challenge to use this toy in a different position if I were larger.



I really enjoyed this product. The 10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer Kit is ideal for a first time experience. Try this before you invite anyone into your back door. You will be able to learn how your body responds and know where your pleasure areas are located. I loved the fact that this toy can be used without the vibration function. You can have different experiences. Although I didn't use this toy with a partner, it would be great for couples play. Imagine having your man caressing your nipples while you stimulate your self with the pulsation option. The neighbors would definitely know your name.  I would love to see this toy in a wireless model. It would add more ease of use and open up a couple to fantasy play. If you are not experienced in anal sex, this is the toy for  you.  

10 Function Advanced Anal Explorer