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10 Function Adonis Explorer


Prostate stimulation has become the new buzz word for men. They want to learn where the p spot is located and how to stimulate it. This has created the need for more products that address the unique physical needs of men. Newbies usually start with a manual prostate stimulator. It provides pleasure but the man using it must work it to find their spot. Basic electric prostate massagers usually offer one level of vibration in a small design. Advanced users need a product that provides the stimulation yet offers more features in a larger design. This group of men may have been the target audience of the 10-Function Adonis Explorer by Calexotics. Recieving one recently, I was given a challenge that would test whether bigger really could be better.


The Product

The 10-Function Adonis Explorer comes in an attractive box. The packaging has a picture of the product with the Pure Silicone badge on the front. The back of the box lists the features in 5 languages with instructions on how to turn the product on and off with the push button LED control. The anal vibrator is very firm to the touch and has three Unique Stimulating Ridges at the bottom of the design.  The Adonis Explorer has a smooth Ballistic shape that has a diameter of 1.72 inches at its maximum and is 5.5 inches long. It is waterproof.The bottom of the anal vibrator is able to be twisted off. This is the location where three AAA batteries can be placed inside. Once attached, a single touch of the oval control button will turn on the toy. By clicking on the toy ten times, you can choose which vibration, pulsation and/or escalation feels comfortable for personal use. Holding the button for three seconds turns off the 10-Function Adonis Explorer .


How it Works

To begin anal exploration, it is best to use an anal douche to remove any debris. After irragation, you are now ready to use the toy. Unscrew the bottom of the anal vibrator. Place three AAA batteries in the bottom. Instructions are provided in the package. Screw the cap back on the toy. Choose a water based lubricant. JUS is the premium brand used in this test.  Be sure to place lubricant on your anal region to ease insertion. Slowly insert the anal vibrator into your body. Wait a few moments until your body adjusts. Now press the control button at the bottom of the toy to choose which vibration feature gives pleasure.

My Experience

When it comes to anal play, I am not a newbie. I have enjoyed prostate stimulation with a number of products on the market. They gave me great pleasure but were small enough not to cause any shock when I opened the package. The 10-Function Adonis Explorer made me take a deep breath when it arrived. This anal vibrator was big. Or to be accurate ' Thick ' . It has a ballistic designed similar to a missile. I knew that this toy would present a new insertion  challenge so I did what any man would do. I called my play buddy and made this a couples experiment. My buddy is a sexual dream. He is always ready to go. And I love the fact that we don't need porn to get us in the mood. We are almost primal. If we are both in the room, sex is going to happen.  


When I presented the toy, his eyes started to gleam. There was something about this toy that was piquing his interest. We began an intense round of foreplay on the bed. I wanted to get him in the perfect position for insertion. I placed a pillow underneath his bottom to elevate it. I opened a bottle of JUS lubricant and applied a generous amount to the anal vibrator and used a lube shooter to place more inside his body. I turned the Adonis Explorer to the first setting and rubbed it along his perineum. His body started to twitch. The intense vibration was stimulating his prostate from outside his body. I tried all the settings until we found two that he really liked: Vibrate and Surge.


It was time to insert. I slowly slid the Adonis Explorer about a 1/2 an inch. His breathing started to increase. After about two minutes, I was able to get the entire toy in him. He said he felt full. As his body adjusted, he returned to a place of pleasure. I then turned on the ' Vibrate ' feature. He rocked his body and began to moan. I was starting to get jealous of the toy so I took my frustation out on him by switching to the ' Surge ' feature while jabbing the toy back and forth. His eyes rolled back in his head as we found his special place. I was impatient and wanted to see his orgasm.


I slid the Girl Next Door Masturbator on him while I continued to use the Adonis Explorer. He stroked himself and began to moan louder. The end was coming. With a violent shake that made the whole bed rock, he had an intense orgasm. His love juice hit him in the face ! I couldn't hold back the laughter while orgasmic tremors kept him shaking. Once he landed back to normal civilization, we held each other and talked about the erotic voyage. I knew the Adonis Explorer was too big for me. He was were ready for Star Fleet.


The 10-Function Adonis Explorer provides intense anal play for men that want a product that offers more stimulation than a manual prostate massager. It will definitely fill you up. The silicone material used allows easy insertion when paired with a premium water based lubricant.  The Unique Stimulating Ridges give that extra boost of erotic stimulation that will drive you over the top. The choice of vibration features is this toys best feature. You can customize your erotic adventure. You can stick to one sensation or use multiples. I do greatly enjoy the design of this probe. It seems to be a natural fit for couples play due to it not having a flared base. And having a LED touch control will keep you from draining the battery with accidental touches of the toy.



The 10-Function Adonis Explorer is designed for anal exploration. This toy is not one for newbies. The width of the toy could cause insertion challenges for men that are looking to experience prostate play. 1.75 inches may not seem like much in your head but having that design in a ballistic shapes feels more like three. Newbies would be encouraged to try the Easy Prostate Massager by Calexotics. The package does not come with batteries and some men may not have AAA's around the house since it is not the most common battery used in household electronics. I think the Adonis Explorer should have a packet of lubricant in the box to help the customers get into the action immediately.


The Decision

If you are ready to graduate from manual prostate massager and need something big to fill you up, then the 10-Function Adonis Explorer is a great pick. The vibration functions gives you unlimited opportunities to experience prostate stimulation in a number of different ways. This is not a toy for newbies. This is what the big boys will want to use when that feeling comes. The design of the toy is very sleek. This toy is best used for couples play since it does not have a flared based. If your body is accustomed to very large anal toys, this could go in a bit too far. The toy cleans up easy and is discreet enough to fit in your travel bag for play on the go. You will have to purchase three AAA batteries because it does not come with the toy.  When those nights come that you need to go on an erotic voyage, the 10-Function Adonis Explorer is the toy that can transport you to your sensual destination.  


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10 Function Adonis Explorer